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5 Fears About Organizing Your Home Or Office...

Snowed under by clutter?

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed by the lack of order in your office or home?
Perhaps you have had a recent "life transition" like a move, the loss of a loved one or a job change. Perhaps you started a new business and are struggling to set up your office.

How could things be better?
It is possible to arrange your space so that you can find what you want when you want it. When you are "reasonably organized" (not compulsively tidy) you have systems that work to keep track of the things that matter.

I can help you organize your space. Afterwards, you will feel an unexpected sense of relief.
Keeping clutter around you drags you down, saps your energy and creates feelings of guilt. When you get organized you will be surprised by the tension that will be gone from your days. No wonder my clients often talk about a feeling of being "lightened" or "relieved."

Why haven't you "gotten organized" before?  
Because no one taught you how to organize your space or your time. There are numerous organizing gadgets and books on the market, but how do you know what is really right for you?

Your results will be long lasting.
Getting organized and staying organized happen only through systems customized for your individual needs. I don't just tidy up your home or office, but create the lasting means to keep you on track even if you are recovering from one of life's curve balls.

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Pam can help you turn your messy desk into a desk that's easy and comfortable to use!

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There once was a family called Stress,

Who lived in disorganized mess,

With possessions so jammed,

They felt they'd be damned,

But that was before they called Pam.

Now papers lost in piles,

Are neatly housed in files,

The stuff strewn on the floor

Has been taken out the door,

And the stress from the mess is no more.

By Marcia Johnson
President, Binocular Vision Business Development Consulting