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5 Fears About Organizing Your Home or Office...

5 Fears About Organizing Your Home or Office...and How To Overcome Them

  1. Hiring a professional organizer will make me feel ashamed about how bad I am at getting organized.
    Organizing is a skill that I can teach you. Sorting out your possessions can help you sort out yourself in other ways. In letting some things go you will feel burdens lifted and your self-confidence strengthened. Many creative and successful people find that organizing does not come naturally to them. When they do get organized they are even more successful – with increased peace of mind.

  2. Making decisions is hard for me.
    I will support you through the process by teaching you easy techniques to decide what items to keep and what to discard. During the process I will help you discover what your priorities are – what truly matters to you.

  3. When I uncover my unfinished projects I will be reminded of my failures.
    Life offers many activities, groups and interests vying for our participation. We try some out and often feel inadequate that we can't "do it all."  Then our homes and offices get piled up with unfinished projects. We all have limitations of time, energy and resources.   Limitations do not mean we are failures, just that we are all human and must make some choices about how many things we can devote ourselves to.

  4. I bought a desk over a year ago, and I am no better organized today.
    It is important that a professional organizer evaluate your needs before you invest money in storage systems and methods. You and your situation are unique.   If you were taking a trip, you could not have a successful journey before knowing what road would take you where you want to go.

  5. I won't be able to stay organized on my own after we finish working together.
    An essential question in analyzing your organizing needs is, "How do you use this item or this room?"  You and I will build all your systems together, specifically for you. Keeping your systems running or getting them up and running again when life throws you a curve will be easy for you to do.

This chart summarizes the benefits of being organized.

Stereotypes about
organized people

Reality about
organized people

1. They are perfect.

1. They have systems that work.

2. They keep everything out of sight.

2. They keep things in the most logical places and know where they are.

3. They are obsessively neat.

3. They perform regular, minimum maintenance.

4. They are rigid.

4. They build contingency time into their schedules.


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"Feeling great loyalty to my possessions, I felt skeptical when Pam came over to organize. However, when I worked with her I found she had a constructive way of suggesting what might be done with excess belongings. She made decision-making easy. I even gave away some old clothing to one of my sons who was thrilled to wear it to '70s parties. The experience of working with Pam was surprisingly pleasant. I can now easily locate many things I thought I had lost."

Jack Lockhart
Probate Referee